As a child, I was throughly impressed with my  grandmother's intrinsic ability to turn simple ideas into attractive artistry. She expressed her creative talents through making and selling of beautiful Sunday hats, crocheting, knitting and seamstress work, which sparked my interest in arts and crafts. She was also an amazing teacher as she taught me how to crochet, knit, sew, bake and participate in other forms of art. Her raw passion for color, uniique designs and keen sense for art in a time of limited exposure encouraged me to pursue my interest in jewelry making and design.

I started out  crocheting scarves and designing simple accessories by request from a few close friends and family members. Their feedback motivated me to expand my craftsmanship into other areas. I took an interest in making personal hair accessories and sewing household items. After much success with those items, I started making small jewelry pieces. I found my ideal niche in jewelry and what a discovery! Upon exploring my interest in jewelry making, things truly began to take off for me. It seemed that I could not learn enough to satisfy the hobby! I saw a wire bracelet and knew immediately that I wanted to learn how to make wire jewelry. To perfect my skills, I took classes in wire wrapping rings and bracelets. Each time I took a jewelry class it increased my desire to design my own unique style of jewelry. My personal favorite, of course, is working with semiprecious stones. I enjoy playing with the many beautiful assortments of stone colors, shapes and sizes associated with jewelry stones. As my grandmother inspired me though her multiple talents, I was eager to create Divine Treasures. Divine Treasures is custom jewelry specializing in earrings,necklaces, rings and bracelets.   Thank you!